Vampire Heart - HIM

Vampire Heart - HIM

5 de abr de 2012

I'm trying to get back. I don't know if i can't do this, i think i lost my words a long time ago.
But i miss all this things that i have. Not the solitude, not the sadness, but my frinds. The only friends that i had for all this time. The only friends that a girl like me needs. A window, a tree, those words, and all the world inside my head. All of this things made me happy, and i miss you so much, my dear.
As i miss Freddy, and my books, and... and everything. It matters to much, know that i still have you. Even after all those things that happends.

All os this things that i don't have courage to say, you already know.
And i am living a war that i'm no able to win. These love war, living war, war... Things that i can't win.

Here we go again, on ours StandUp show.

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